How to HEAL (your face) from Stitches and Scars

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Facial Scar - 8 weeks and 3 days after fainting and hitting my head. #healingfast

Facial Scar - 8 weeks and 3 days after fainting and hitting my head. #healingfast

How to proactively treat and heal a (facial) Scar

The aftermath of fainting and hitting my head has been dealing with the scar it left behind. There is a noticeable line above my right eye, it has been there since January 17, 2019.

Because I have taken a proactive approach to healing the scar has faded over the past 8 weeks and 3 days. A makeup artist with whom I worked on an aerial yoga photo shoot days ago mentioned it looked like it had been there for years (vs months).

I credit this fast-track healing to taking a proactive approach.

You can see some “progress photos” below (plus I promise to update you with additional pics as time passes, betting this scar will be (almost) gone in a year)!

Here are my recommendations for healing your scar, breaking down the Scar Tissue so your “real” skin underneath can make a 100% comeback:


    • ALWAYS use SUNSCREEN! No matter what. You do not want to get sun pigmentation “on” your scar. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen daily. I love this fresh brand, Suntegrity - it has an amazing, neutral smell, and it is made from all natural ingredients. 

  2. Get a good Scar Cream. I will say, the one my Plastic Surgeon “prescribed” me had silicone in it and it was not working at all, in fact, I felt it was ADDING to the scar tissue on my face. Instead, I went to the pharmacie when I was recently in Paris; they recommended La Roche-Posay (Repairing Balm), which has worked wonders! I was also told to get Uriage’s Crème, which I just ordered and will begin using as well.

  3. doTerra Essential Oils work wonders, especially when used with the LightStim for Wrinkles

    • Frankincense - so great for BREAKING DOWN SCAR TISSUE. If I only had ONE oil for scar healing, this oil would be it. No wonder the magical properties of Frankincense were mentioned in texts as old as (and including) the Bible!

    • Immortelle - includes Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum and Rose. This is an AMAZING blend - my most favorite Face Blend from doTerra!

    • Neroli - GREAT for all of those little facial lines, like “crows feet”, lip “lines”, etc.

    • Rose - love Rose for all Facial “flaws”. The smell is wonderful too!

    • Yarrow | Pom Oil - for cellular rejuvenation. Another “magic” oil, helps with collagen production.

  4. I also like to MIX a few drops of each of the essential oils mentioned above with this Rose Skin Oil, which works as a perfect carrier oil.

  5. After applying the oil, I let it soak into my skin for a few minutes, then use the LightStim for Wrinkles.

    • This amazing skin tool not only works for scars, it also lifts and tightens your skin! It was recommended to and used on me by my esthetician, @ Andrea Total Skin Care, I ordered one and can already see dramatic differences in my scar’s healing, and in the “tightness” of my face in general.

    • When used with an essential oil, or a scar cream, the LightStim will help that oil or cream better “activate” in your cells. The frequencies in the LightStim for Wrinkles are set for exactly that type of cell regeneration (there’s also a LightStim for Acne and a LightStim for Pain).

    • As an alternative to using essential oils or scar cream as a “base” for the LightStim for Wrinkles, you can also use the “base” products that come with that apparatus, LightStim PhotoMasque and/or LightStim PhotoSerum.

  6. Andrea Skincare (or your favorite esthetician). Andrea is in SoMa, San Francisco, so she might not be accessible to all. But, look for an experienced person to work on your skin. Since I’m not one for Botox or other injections, I always choose Andrea’s Signature Microcurrent Facial - it works WONDERS on the skin (and scars)!

  7. Yoga + Inversions - as a yoga teacher, student, practitioner and advocate, I cannot say enough great things about The Healing Power of Yoga. For ANY ailment. But even for a facial (or other) scar! As you probably already know, sweating helps with skin cell regeneration, and when inversions are added, healing accelerates!

    • If you’ve never practiced yoga before, and you’re in the SF Bay Area, you’re welcome to come to any of my classes, I will teach you the Basics of Yoga! See my schedule under classes.

    • If you’re not in the SF Bay Area, and are not already a yoga practitioner, do a search in your region, ask around and take a few classes. Stick with it and you’ll soon find a teacher with whom you connect and from whom you feel inspired to learn. If the practice “speaks” to you, I promise, with consistency, yoga will assist in healing scars (and other ailments), both outside and inside the body and mind!

  8. Lastly - if YOU have any other ideas for healing from a scar (concussion, or head injury) I’d love to know what they are!  

  9. I love you.  💜 #flygirlsf

L to R 1st row: January 22nd, February 10th.  L to R 2nd row: February 17th, March 3rd 2019.

L to R 1st row: January 22nd, February 10th.

L to R 2nd row: February 17th, March 3rd 2019.