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Melaleuca (Tea Tree), the MIRACLE OIL!

Melaleuca (Tea Tree), the MIRACLE OIL!

Melaleuca. At first the smell can be quite pungent and overwhelming. At least this is what I thought when I was introduced to this essential oil. Now I will not go anywhere without it!

Melaleuca is the Oil of healing boundaries, both metaphorically and physically. Diffusing and inhaling the steam of this oil helps release “parasitic” relationships, both energetically and materially. I have actually SEEN Melaleuca work miracles in THREE situations (one with myself and 2 with my family members).

The main reason I love Melaleuca is that is clears up almost any skin issue I have encountered, in humans and in dogs!

One of my loved ones had a “Toenail” fungus (basically a dark-looking toenail) that was not clearing up. Three (3!) different doctors looked at this issue and some prescribed creams, but nothing worked! Finally, one doctor suggested Melaleuca oil (which I happily provided). Within two weeks the toenail was white and clean, and the root cause of the problem was handled. The toe fungus never returned!

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How to HEAL (your face) from Stitches and Scars

Part 3 of 3:

How to proactively treat and heal a (facial) scar.

The aftermath of fainting and hitting my head has been dealing with the scar it left behind. There is a noticeable line above my right eye, it has been there since January 17, 2019.

Because I have taken a proactive approach to healing the scar has faded over the past 8 weeks and 3 days. A makeup artist with whom I worked on an aerial yoga photo shoot days ago mentioned it looked like it had been there for years (vs months).

I credit this fast-track healing to taking a proactive approach.

You can see some “progress photos” below (plus I promise to update you with additional pics as time passes, betting this scar will be (almost) gone in a year)!

Here are my recommendations for healing your scar, breaking down the Scar Tissue so your “real” skin underneath can make a 100% comeback:

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What to do if you hit your head!

Part 2 of 3:

What to do if you hit your head!

As an Aerial Yoga and Vinyasa Flow teacher, I never considered how fragile the head really is - until I hit my own head and had to deal with a concussion. Here’s what I learned.

If you hit your head:

  1. Make sure you get it checked out out by a Doctor. If you need stitches, get them ASAP.

  2. Ice Ice Baby! Make sure you continually ICE it! I swear, my head bumps healed MUCH faster because I iced them constantly. You can even get ready-made ice packs, bring them to bed, ice where it hurts, and fall asleep. If you wake up with a throbbing head in the middle of the night, the pack stays cold and you can just reach for it and keep icing! Consistent, frequent ice packs will help with headaches caused by concussions and contusions.

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8 Essential Oils: All you’ll ever need - for TRAVEL

If you join my doTERRA Team (as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate) during the month of July you will get a FREE doTERRA Essential Oils for Travel mailed to you. Please email me for more information, or to setup a consultation.


Fun, exciting, new experiences are what often come to mind when we plan trips. We spend months or weeks dreaming about sitting on a warm, sandy beach or snowboarding in fresh powder and just “can’t wait” for the day we get to go. Maybe travel for you means a quick business trip to a cool city with a 70 minute flight on a private airplane where there is no traffic to get to your destination. These perfect situations are ones for which we can hope, at the same time doing our best to manifest the best experience possible.

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