"Raise your vibration with yoga and essential oils!"




CoreCare Center and Marc Weill - Rolfing and Bodywork, General Nutrition Counseling plus Holistic Healing and even Oxygen and Laser treatments! I have know Marc over 20+ years and there is no one else I'd see for acute bodywork. Rolfing since the 1970's (trained by Ida Rolf), and married by Ram Dass, Marc is a healer who treats "MDs" when they, themselves, don't want to get the surgery they perform on others. Net-net, Marc is a miracle worker!


Light on Yoga (B. K. S. Iyengar)

The Crossroads of Should & Must (Elle Luna)

The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali (Sri Swami Satchidananda)



Eating for Beauty (David Wolfe)

Elaina's PURE JOY KITCHEN (Elaina Love)

Infuse: Oil Spirit, Water (Josh Williams)

Healing Oils:

doTERRA Essential Oils

PrimeMyBody Hemp Oils


Body Harmony

Optimum Health Institute - If you want to go for the FULL BODY cleanse - try OHI. This an INTENSE way to purge your body of toxins. Many people go here for general health maintenance, as well as for specific alternative medical treatments (lyme, etc), and also to purge chemotherapy toxins out of their bodies.

Yoga Study and Practice:

My living Teachers (to each whom I am forever grateful for showing me the Path to Freedom).


Dharma Mittra - A walking Yogi. I first met Dharma Mittra in NYC in 2003, and have studied with him on numerous retreats and immersion sessions. At 79 years old (as of May 2018), Dharma is a walking example of how to age presently, with grace. Not only does he have an amazing asana practice (he can stand on his head with no hands!), he is also an intuit. If you have a chance, take his Psychic Development workshop.  

Christopher Harrison - The Founder of AntiGravity Yoga, I met Christopher in 2008 when he trained us in AntiGravity Yoga at Crunch. Christopher's techniques added literally another dimension to my practice, and have subsequently enabled me (and the students I lead) to get longer and stronger, and more flexible! Christpopher leads workshops and training in NYC and globally.

Steamboat, Colorado:

Libbie Mathes


David Williams

Rusty Wells - Rusty is a Bhakti Yogic Messenger with whom I practiced and trained in San Francisco for over 10 years. He was the Founder of the iconic studio in SoMa (San Francisco) called Urban Flow, where he developed thousands of global yogis and yoginis. Rusty now teaches internationally and online. His classes are super energizing and fun! Plus you get to sing, sweat float and fly - and leave feeling inspired!

Sarah Powers 

Clayton Horton - Currently based in Hong Kong, I met Clayton through It's Yoga (noted below). It was with Clayton, assisted by David Lurey, that I completed my 1st 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2004. Clayton is a Master Ashtanga Practitioner who has extensive knowledge of yogic philosophy. He also has an amazing asana practice!

My deceased Teachers (who I equally Thank):

K. Pattabhi Jois - I had the great fortune to meet Guruji on his last worldwide tour in March, 2006. Practicing with Guruji was like no other; in the time he was in San Francisco, I viscerally learned the Primary Series!

Larry Schultz - Founder, It's Yoga. I first met Larry in 1998 at his SoMa studio on Folsom Street. Larry had one of the first Ashtanga Yoga studios in San Francisco, and developed The Rocket sequence, essentially to "rocket" to the next level (in Ashtanga) more quickly. He was a cool guy, with a bit of swagger, and lots of energy. Larry was the Yoga Teacher for the Grateful Dead, and also learned directly from K. Pattabhi Jois. It's Yoga was THE place to practice during the 90's, and several Premier San Francisco Yoga Instructors did their training here.