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8 Essential Oils: All you’ll ever need - for TRAVEL

If you join my doTERRA Team (as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate) during the month of July you will get a FREE doTERRA Essential Oils for Travel mailed to you. Please email me for more information, or to setup a consultation.


Fun, exciting, new experiences are what often come to mind when we plan trips. We spend months or weeks dreaming about sitting on a warm, sandy beach or snowboarding in fresh powder and just “can’t wait” for the day we get to go. Maybe travel for you means a quick business trip to a cool city with a 70 minute flight on a private airplane where there is no traffic to get to your destination. These perfect situations are ones for which we can hope, at the same time doing our best to manifest the best experience possible.

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The endless uses for Lavender Essential Oil (my own favorite list!)

Uses for essential oils are endless (as you’ll begin to learn), and my hope is you will get inspired to try them out, and perhaps also begin to replace toxic over-the-counter medicines, household cleaners, and chemically-based health & beauty products with natural, Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (more about this later).

I’ve chosen to open this doTERRA Essential Oil Blog series with Lavender because this oil was the catalyst for the “rediscovery” of ancient medicinal uses of essential oils by the “Father” of Modern Aromatherapy, René-Maurice Gattefossé

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