3 Months in Paris.

November 1, 2019

4am. I awoke today, All Saint’s Day, to voices singing, a choir belting out Amazing Grace, their sounds carried by the wind from the church down the street. I’m living in Eastern Paris, near La Place d’Edith Piaf, à la “Campagne à Paris”.

It has been a week since I've returned from San Francisco, a place I lived for 27 years. I realize this is now my home and California is a place of the past. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision that led me here, although I believe deep in my soul that it was meant to be long ago. 

Sadie (Pooey), my 10 year old GoldenDoodle is here with me, she's adjusting too. She loves the food, and any ailment she had while living in SF is gone. If it were not for her, I would feel completely lost at times; every day I am grateful she’s here to ground me. 

New challenges await daily, as my University and tourist French become more localized, as I make a complete fool out of myself, ego put aside, every day.

So as I speak of the trials and tribulations of my days, leasing an apartment, trying to get a “permanent” (vs tourist) cell phone, heading out to Bobigny to pick up an Amazon package (all of this for an ink cartridge?), getting a Navigo card, the list goes on, I also know I’m in my flow.

Despite the challenges, I feel like I’m living in a dream. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far….

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Aerial Yoga can help you cultivate Strength, Flexibility and Balance - here’s how!

Aerial yoga isn’t a “new” form of yoga. It has been around at LEAST 200+ years, if not thousands. Shown here are close ups of a painting dating from the late 1700s that depicts several Rajasthani Yogis hanging from trees in various yogic postures.

Although aerial yoga has been around a long time, it has only recently become popular, and is slowly making its way into the mainstream.

For good reason!

If everyone hung upside-down for at least 5-10 minutes per day, the world would be a much happier place!

I first learned the aerial yoga methodology called AntiGravity Yoga in 2008 from Christopher Harrison. This particular form, originally created “for the everyday athlete”, is now taught at various studios worldwide. AntiGravity Yoga incorporates specific moves into various sequences (for strength, swinging, flexibility, meditation, etc) depending on which class is being offered. The AntiGravity Yoga setup uses a double point system, which can feel a bit more “stable” initially, and is a great way to learn how to fly!

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Melaleuca (Tea Tree), the MIRACLE OIL!

Melaleuca (Tea Tree), the MIRACLE OIL!

Melaleuca. At first the smell can be quite pungent and overwhelming. At least this is what I thought when I was introduced to this essential oil. Now I will not go anywhere without it!

Melaleuca is the Oil of healing boundaries, both metaphorically and physically. Diffusing and inhaling the steam of this oil helps release “parasitic” relationships, both energetically and materially. I have actually SEEN Melaleuca work miracles in THREE situations (one with myself and 2 with my family members).

The main reason I love Melaleuca is that is clears up almost any skin issue I have encountered, in humans and in dogs!

One of my loved ones had a “Toenail” fungus (basically a dark-looking toenail) that was not clearing up. Three (3!) different doctors looked at this issue and some prescribed creams, but nothing worked! Finally, one doctor suggested Melaleuca oil (which I happily provided). Within two weeks the toenail was white and clean, and the root cause of the problem was handled. The toe fungus never returned!

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How to HEAL (your face) from Stitches and Scars

Part 3 of 3:

How to proactively treat and heal a (facial) scar.

The aftermath of fainting and hitting my head has been dealing with the scar it left behind. There is a noticeable line above my right eye, it has been there since January 17, 2019.

Because I have taken a proactive approach to healing the scar has faded over the past 8 weeks and 3 days. A makeup artist with whom I worked on an aerial yoga photo shoot days ago mentioned it looked like it had been there for years (vs months).

I credit this fast-track healing to taking a proactive approach.

You can see some “progress photos” below (plus I promise to update you with additional pics as time passes, betting this scar will be (almost) gone in a year)!

Here are my recommendations for healing your scar, breaking down the Scar Tissue so your “real” skin underneath can make a 100% comeback:

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What to do if you hit your head!

Part 2 of 3:

What to do if you hit your head!

As an Aerial Yoga and Vinyasa Flow teacher, I never considered how fragile the head really is - until I hit my own head and had to deal with a concussion. Here’s what I learned.

If you hit your head:

  1. Make sure you get it checked out out by a Doctor. If you need stitches, get them ASAP.

  2. Ice Ice Baby! Make sure you continually ICE it! I swear, my head bumps healed MUCH faster because I iced them constantly. You can even get ready-made ice packs, bring them to bed, ice where it hurts, and fall asleep. If you wake up with a throbbing head in the middle of the night, the pack stays cold and you can just reach for it and keep icing! Consistent, frequent ice packs will help with headaches caused by concussions and contusions.

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How I got dehydrated (and a concussion) from long haul air travel (and how to prevent this from happening to YOU!)

Part 1 of 3:

January 16, 2019. 36 hours of travel from Mumbai to Newark, NJ; then customs, a coffee, and immediate boarding to SFO. No time to waste, just move. I was actually worried about this “leg” of my trip home from India. My mom and I had left SFO for Hong Kong on 12/27/18, spent 2 days and 2 nights there, then ventured to Kolkata for Pathways Board and NGO meetings. Breaking up the trip on the way there helped, a lot. More than I thought. After 10 days in Kolkata (with the average AQI OVER 250 at “Very Unhealthy or Hazardous), we spent 5 nights and 6 days in Goa practicing yoga, thinking we’d recover from Kolkata (through the AQI was not much better there). Then 3 days and 3 nights in Mumbai, where my mom then developed a respiratory infection.

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Raise your Vibration by Reading - 20 Book Recommendations for the Everyday Intellect

In the beginning of 2018 I made a self-promise to cut down on screen time, stop binge-watching and see how many books I could read or listen to (without cramming or stressing) over the course of one year. I’ve devoured over 30+ books this year. Here are some favorites. All are highly recommended. Enjoy!! xo #flygirlsf

#1 A Return to Love (1992) Marianne Williamson

Audio Version

I discovered this book in 2016, and re-read it at least once a year. A must-have go-to read for EVERYONE. If you want more love and joy in your life, implement, be and live the methods described in this book. I especially love the AUDIO version because it is narrated by Marianne herself. Thank you Marianne for this big, big reminder that LOVE is what life is truly about. Whenever I get “stuck” in ANY relationship, Return to Love is a perfect book to remember.

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Cleanser + Hydrater + Hangover Helper (Infused Beverage Recipe)

Better than paying $10+ a shot!
So much fresher!

Prep time = 10 minutes

Tools needed:

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Planting a Seed

Planting a Seed

Sometimes I take a look at myself objectively and ask myself “Why?”

Why are you here, what are you doing, and how is the best way to live? The human condition we all experience tends to bring up internal questions by our very nature of being alive, it is almost as if we’re automatically programmed to wonder.

After we peel away the layers of to-dos, "shoulds", and things we “need” to be to please others, we realize, underneath this, we are *only* human. The same as everyone else. Souls floating around in these temporary skins, trying to figure it all out. Realizing that where and when we are born is all part of the cosmic lottery. And knowing where we start this incarnation isn’t where we have to end. We have choices, free will, and opportunity - even if we cannot visually “see” everything all of the time.

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9 Methods for Manifesting the Life you Desire and Deserve

9 Methods for Manifesting the Life you Desire and Deserve


The manifestation of whatever it is we want is most powerful when we’ve cleared up unfinished business. Nagging feelings that we haven’t “tied up loose ends” leave little internal space to create in the PRESENT MOMENT.

When our lives are up-to-date, we are able to tap into the “cosmic flow” of energy that connects us all. We’re able to source what we want from the universe.

Please know, even if you feel “buried” in the deepest hole ever, you CAN MANIFEST a clearing and get back into the flow! Organize your finances get your bills up to date, pay your taxes, return phone calls and emails. Apologize. Forgive. Get help if you need it. Repair that which is broken. Clear the clutter from your home, life and relationships. You will feel lighter, freer and (much more able to) tap into life’s natural flow.

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What the heck are "Yoga Toes"?

Yoga Toes.

Perhaps you have seen them, or perhaps heard of them in conversation once or twice. And you may wonder why you should even care about these silicone toe "inserts" (that can feel painful at times).

My answer is this: "Pay NOW or pay LATER" for having your skeletal structure thrown off.

I like to think about the whole thing like "Architecture". If the foundation for the body is unbalanced and "off", the entire structure of the body becomes misaligned.

If you're currently looking at your toes and they indeed do seem mangled, don't worry! Know if you want to do something about it, there IS a solution: Yoga Toes!

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8 Essential Oils: All you’ll ever need - for TRAVEL

If you join my doTERRA Team (as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate) during the month of July you will get a FREE doTERRA Essential Oils for Travel mailed to you. Please email me saragrace@flygirlsf.com for more information, or to setup a consultation.


Fun, exciting, new experiences are what often come to mind when we plan trips. We spend months or weeks dreaming about sitting on a warm, sandy beach or snowboarding in fresh powder and just “can’t wait” for the day we get to go. Maybe travel for you means a quick business trip to a cool city with a 70 minute flight on a private airplane where there is no traffic to get to your destination. These perfect situations are ones for which we can hope, at the same time doing our best to manifest the best experience possible.

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The endless uses for Lavender Essential Oil (my own favorite list!)

Uses for essential oils are endless (as you’ll begin to learn), and my hope is you will get inspired to try them out, and perhaps also begin to replace toxic over-the-counter medicines, household cleaners, and chemically-based health & beauty products with natural, Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (more about this later).

I’ve chosen to open this doTERRA Essential Oil Blog series with Lavender because this oil was the catalyst for the “rediscovery” of ancient medicinal uses of essential oils by the “Father” of Modern Aromatherapy, René-Maurice Gattefossé https://tinyurl.com/ybko459a.

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